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Two Augusta, Georgia church girls, who met over a daily afternoon snack (If you know us, then you know we love food) at the BEST little high school in Richmond County. Somehow, over the years we have managed to navigate life's ups and downs together. We've transformed from crazy teenagers, to mature women (with a little bit of crazy) that are redefining what it looks like to have an authentic relationship with God! (Saved with a little bit of Ratchet! Hello!). Join us on this adventure as we answer the call of God  by sharing our stories and how we've made it through over 13 years...and counting...of real friendship and honest conversations. 

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I used to be wild, insecure and naive. I THOUGHT I was in charge, but God sent me down a path to where I had no other choice, but to get closer to Him. From low self esteem, bad choices, and avoidable crazy situations to having my confidence boosted and a willingness to be obedient to God. The GROWTH HAS BEEN REAL, OKAY! Life for me hasn't always been easy and it definitely hasn't always been pretty, BUT GOD is good and I can't wait to continue sharing my story with y'all!

I am an Engineer by day and a regular person by night. To be honest, I struggle! I struggle with accepting the love and grace of God. Have you ever felt like you needed to be perfect to earn His love? If so, then we need to talk because I struggle with the same. He has done A LOT of work within me thus far, however He is NOT done with me yet. Join me on this journey as I dig deep to see what He sees and love myself just as He does! 

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